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waaaaah I got a tip
holla holla get dolla. Oh man, a whole dollar. I can buy like, a whole loaf of bread with this. Thanks mr customer who left it on the table

More line practice, heh. Can't think of a better title, but I'm so happy with how she turned out, she looks great in my new style. SAI wouldn't save my picture so I had to finish it up in one sitting... Im not happy about the prospect of my main drawing program being borked, but at least I was able to salvage my work here.

Embyr belongs to me.
Aku vs Samurai Jack
Riding the Samurai Jack train just a little bit longer :P Aku is such a cool villain that I REALLY wanted to try a serious drawing of him. He's a unique blend of being hilarious and being downright terrifying at the same time, it's something i've never seen anywhere else. Also figured I'd draw Jack while I was at it. I'm super proud of this new style, it's really making my art look so much better.

Samurai Jack belongs to Genndy Tartakovsky and Cartoon Network

EDIT: Keep forgetting my watermark, haha.
Soprana Line Test Thingy part 2
Well, I decided to keep drawing stuff whilst making use of the line tool. I worked on this for most of the night, and I was extremely proud of it. I was gonna upload it before shading it, but I decided to shade it in anyway, and i'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Even though Soprana's a... well, a Primarina, I've never drawn her actually singing. I decided to fix that just a bit xD

Primarina belongs to Nintendo and Game Freak

EDIT: Added my watermark :P First time using it, i'm REALLY proud of this one.
I shared a dream that I had when I was a little shit with my best friend over discord, but I feel like I need to put it out there for the world to see. My dreams already tend to be strange and nonsensical, and I hardly remember them after a few days but this one remains clear in my head 9 years after the fact, and as stupid and retarded as this dream was it... was actually one of my more coherent dreams. It ain't gonna be formatted or spell checked because i'm far too tired lmao.

It was an episode of Jimmy Neutron, and in my head it must have been a finale, because Jimmy's Dad owned a sandwich shop and had brought Jimmy along to help out. Jimmy made some sort of invention to try to impress Cindy Vortex which gave life to inanimate objects, and he used it on one of his dad's sandwiches. It gained sentience, but it also grew to monumentla, godzilla level heights and began destroying the entire city.
Jimmy, Hugh, Cindy, Carl, Sheen and some of the other kids from the show started escaping the restaurant, but the sandwich summoned little 'sandwichlings' like a specific scene in cloverfield. The sandwichlings killed some of the children and dragged sheen out of the crowd, while Carl screamed for his best friend to come back.
the scene cut to a military board room where the 'camera' focused on the General, who was Omi from Xiaolin Showdown for some reason dressed up in a stereotypical general outfit. They all came to the conclusion that they would need to seek help to defeat the sandwich monster, as it's bready hide was impervious to ballistic weapons. They contacted the Jedi Council to send their strongest warrior to help, and so Master Yoda gathers 100 jedi in an arena to fight to the death, and the winner will be the savoir of humanity. Among these jedi is C-3PO, but he was C-3P-OP in my dream because he'd run on all fours like a tiger, run up to someone and steal their lightsaber and kill them with it. Eventually it came down to Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, C-3PO and Vegeta from dragon ball z, who had his powers but for some reason was rocking a lightsaber for this fight. He was terrified of C-3PO's level of power but he knew he needed to defeat him in order to save the world
C-3PO quickly slaughtered Anakin and Obi Wan, and engaged vegeta, who just barely managed to decapitate C-3PO and flush his head down the toilet, claiming victory. Master Yoda walked down from the sidelines and looked up at Vegeta.
"Come with me, my padawan," He croaked.
"Special Training to defeat this Egregious Edible, you require."
Meanwhile, the scene cuts back to Jimmy and co, who are in a refugee camp. Carl is missing, and Jimmy is crying into his mom's side. "Oh mom, the world is ending and it's my fault...." Before his mom had the chance to speak, Jimmy's dad lays his hand on his son's shoulder. "Jimmy bob, you don't gotta cry! I'm sure the military's cookin' up something fantastic to defeat that oversized slider right about now!"
The ground shook.
Suddenly people were being vaporized. The scene cuts to Sheen, floating through the air shooting people with a hot sauce laser protruding from his left arm. After reducing a swath of fleeing survivors to a red paste, he looks over at jimmy. "You shoulda joined the Master, Jimmy, now you'll die!" As Jimmy braces to meet his maker, suddenly bullets whiz thru the air. Carl is running from the armory firing an M60 in Sheen's direction. "STOP IT! CANT YOU SEE YOUR CONSTANT FIGHTING IS TEARING US ALL APART?!" He screamed in a shrill voice.
Sheen flies at carl, attempting to kill him as well, however Carl is too quick. He leaps up at sheen, pulling the pin out of a grenade and latches onto sheen, knocking him to the ground. Carl knew that this wasn't Sheen, but instead Sheen being mindcontrolled by the Sandwich. Carl was no longer angry and looked lovingly into his best friend's eyes. "It's OK sheen, you don't have to fight anymore. I've always loved you." Carl faced Jimmy and his father and gave them a warm smile. "Goodbye, my friend." The grenade exploded, instantly killing Carl and Sheen. Jimmy runs over to the explosion, but there's nothing left. As jimmy cries, The scene cuts to Carl and Sheen holding hands, walking into the great beyond together.
Meanwhile, Vegeta is leading a task force of F-16s flying throught he air. The pilots know very well that they will not survive, and are only there to make sure he is able to engage the Sandwhich safely as he powers up. About one mile away from the rampaging roast beef, Vegeta floats in place and begins to transform into Super Saiyan 3, a form he never dreamed of reaching. The jets engage the sandwhich but are short work.
with a deafening scream, Vegeta reaches his full power and begins to fight the hoagie... however, he stands no chance. Despite his overwhelming maxmimum power, the sandwhich's hide is still impervious to all damage. The sandwhich toys with him for a good half an hour before picking up vegeta by his long flowing mane, and tears his family jewels off. in his final moments before being eaten, Vegeta became Vesheta.(edited)
General Omi, now in the refugee camp, can only stare in disbelief. The most powerful being in the universe could not defeat this monster. He raises his radio to his face.
"You've done all you can boys. Retreat and spend the final hours of your lives with your loved ones."
Suddenly, Jimmy emerges from the croud, holding a ragtag, pulsating sphere. He had a brain blast, and created a device that would make the monster's bread soggy if it was detonated from the inside. The crowd began to cheer, and Jimmy's dad picked him up and danced happily, the dissapointment from his son dooming the earth changing into pride.
However, the general looked at him solemnly. "Boy... Im sorry, but the monster will not devour anything that is not human flesh. Nothing will be able to stop this terrifying monster."
Before Jimmy could say anything in response, his father stepped up. "If that's the way it's gonna have to be, I volunteer! Drop me inside and I'll make sure I do what I have to do!" The crowd gasped, and Jimmy ran up to his father. "Dad, you can't! You'll die!" Hugh turned to face his son, and giving him the best dad face he could, he knelt down to his sons level and looked him in the eye. "Now Jimbo," he said in his calm, warbly voice. "Everyone in life eats, and everyone in life is eaten. It's the circle of life, and it's just my time." Tears were now welling up in Jimmy's eyes, and a single tear ran down hugh's face. He wrapped his arms around his son one final time. "I love you, Jimbo. Take care of your mother for me."
The sandwich is closing in on the refugee camp. The general is ordering the last of his tank batallion andhis soldiers to take aim at the beast. Hugh neutron is climbing into a circus cannon to be shot out of. with a loud bang, the man flies through the air as if he were superman, screaming "EAT ME!!!!" he enter's the monster's gaping maw, and from the outside blue energy begins to engulf the beast. "FIRE AT WILL!" Omi screams, as his battallion is finally able to pierce the beasts soggy hide, instantly tearing it to shreds. After many deaths, the beast was finally killed.
Jimmy began to cry, both out of joy and immense sorrow. His Father had given up his life to save the world. Cindy sat next to him, and looked him in the eyes. It was at this point where quite clearly for one of my dreams, a song began to play. It was "I don't want to miss a thing" by the band Aerosmith. The scene fades into a ceremony with a cheering crowd, General Omi and Master Yoda giving a speech to them, 9 portraits behind him. the 7 Pilots, Vegeta, and the largest one being of Hugh Neutron's smiling face, all looking at the crowd, with bouquets of flowers underneath them. Then, a transition cuts to Jimmy and Cindy in their early 20's at a wedding, Jimmy's mom crying from pure joy.(edited)
10 years later, Jimmy and Cindy are sitting in a park while their children playing happily, around a statue of Jimmy's father with a plaque that reads...
"Hugh Neutron. Father. Husband. A true American hero."
Finally, as the song is concluding, a shot of the sky is shown. Vegeta, Carl, Sheen's faces are in the sky, smiling down at the world, but also at a small form of a man... It's flying in the iconic superman pose, before it dissapears with a twinkle in the sky.
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I'm just a pretty normal dude who likes to draw cringy pictures of cute furry waifus. When I'm not doing that, I'm either playing games, memeing, or working as a wage slave.

dat describe me pls giff moni.

(You don't actually have to but if you like my stuff feel free to shoot me up for my steam/3ds fc or whatever and we can play shit lol)

also, my favorite color is blue.


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